. Mar 11, 2008

Personally, I'm not a fan of the All-American Rejects. But as of yesterday I have new respect for the multiplatinum-selling band, after finding out that they are fans of PostSecret--and that they used (with permission) some of that awesome site's postcard secrets in the video for their song "Dirty Little Secret."

That may be old news to some--especially Rejects fans--so call me slow on the draw. But the beauty was it actually came straight from the mouth of PostSecret founder Frank Warren, during his keynote speech yesterday (Monday) at South By Southwest Interactive (iSXSW)--which had to be one of the most emotionally raw moments in keynote-giving history. Over the course of an hour, Warren ran through many of the secrets he's been sent over the years; how they affect him; and how he (and by turns, we) can turn these often-painful confessions into something truly positive.

His preferred method? Donating time, energy, and money to 1-800-SUICIDE, a suicide-prevention hotline. Getting back to the All-American Rejects, he noted how they originally offered him a grand for use of some of "his" postcard secrets in their video; he countered by asking them to instead donate $2000 to 1-800-SUICIDE. And to their credit, they did just that. So big props to the band.