Shwayze "Buzzin"

. Feb 27, 2008

Two weeks ago, we went to a Wale concert at Satellite Ballroom that was hosted by Heist and Scion. After the concert they had a party, Safe Sex Dance Party, which featured DJ Skeet Skeet out of LA. Towards the end of the party, we went up to talk to him and to our surprise, he was a real cool dude. Even though the party was still going on, he took time out of his set to show us how he was generating some of the crazy effects that we had been hearing all night. He also let us take pictures with him after the show. As he was wrapping up, he mentioned a group that he was affiliated with out of LA and he told us that they would be touring after he DJed at this party back in Cali. A few weeks after the concert, I checked out his blog ( and I saw a post talking about his group, Shwayze. Their video, " Buzzin' " debuted on MtvU's Freshman 5 and is now in the running to be premiered on MtvU. I am really feeling the song and video is really chill and reminds me of a beach party on a mid summer day. As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought about the Souls of Mischief video "93 til' Infinity" which was also very chill. I posted the video below. If you are feeling it, you can vote for " Buzzin' " by clicking here.