Review: Jade - It's My Heart, Cookie EP

. Aug 14, 2009

Every time that I go to check out the GFC site, I always saw the image of the lovely songstress Jade, but I never took my time out to listen. I was a fool…because when I finally took the opportunity to sit back and listen, I was blown away. This girl has an amazing powerful, yet sweet voice that soothes any track.

Her EP “It’s My Heart, Cookie” is only a snippet of greatness that should come from this young singer once her album is released. Jade is an artist that knows her craft, as she graduated from the renowned La Guardia High School for Performing Arts majoring in vocals. She is determined to make it in this industry, as she even parted from Pharrell’s Star Trak label after frustration with being “a benchwarmer.”

Jade has lyrics for days and a definite message that she wants to spread to the public. “It’s My Heart, Cookie” is a perfect example of this message as her songs have a unique sound with universal human sentiments about love that are easily received. Her lyrics are amazing as well. You can tell by simply listening to the project that there was a lot of time a dedication behind it. It is very rare for me to come across music that demands me to stop what I am doing to carefully pay attention to the words the artist is spewing….and Jade certainly makes me listen.
The standout track is easily “Beautiful Problems” produced by Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids. The song just pours with human emotion. Many feelings in this world are certainly a paradox. Think about it, how can a problem be beautiful? Just listen to the song and her smooth vocals will help you understand. Currently, this artist resides in New York performing at locations such as BB Kings, SOB’s, the Knitting Factory, Europa, Club Element, among other places.

I truly hope to see Jade do big things in this industry, because we certainly need more quality soulful acts. She will fit perfectly among the likes of artists such as Alicia Keys, Melanie Fiona, Lily Allen, and yet she will still stand apart as her songwriting is unlike any other act out right now. For more information on Jade, please check her myspace ( ) and be sure to get her EP, “It’s My Heart, Cookie.”