MP3: The Five One x Janelle Monae - It's Obvious

. Aug 17, 2009

From Gowhere Hip Hop: "The Five One are back with a brand new RMX this Thursday called "It's Obvious". It's a very upbeat track where the colorful band get very lyrical, and do what they do best. As always they have really unique and powerful breakdowns throughtout mixing in melodic verses, hip hop, and even spoken word all in one record. "It's Obvious" talks about the obvious things that people don't see right in front of them, because they don't choose to self analyze themselves. Avoiding your problems will only make you unhappy in the long run as they'll hang over your head until they're dealt with, so it's important to take responsibility and really try to understand yourself and the situation you're in!"


The Five One x Janelle Monae - It's Obvious