Design: Water On The Go

. Aug 16, 2009

I don’t think this design is too practical, but it’s cool nevertheless. The concept here is a durable water bottle that can be refilled at specific source water fountains. These fountains would contain a system to track how much water you use; vendors would then credit your account via a redeemable points system. On the surface it seems pretty cool; although, I’m not sure why this design is even necessary considering the fact that we already have public water fountains. One could argue that this design would eliminate the waste generated through the consumption of bottled water in vending machines. I still think it would be easier to carry your own bottle and refill at public water fountains for free. Vendors would have to make a large initial investment and hope that people actually latch on so that their overhead cost actually makes sense. Another problem I have with this design is the bottle size. I consume massive amounts of water each day and the bottles seen in the pictures do not appear to be much bigger than 12 ounces of water. Depending on the pricing scheme, this could be very expensive. All in all, I still think the concept behind it is pretty dope.

Source: Yanko Design