Art: Classical Art x Grafitti

. Aug 10, 2009

Now if you have been following the site, you guys know I am a big Art head. Huge fan on that tip, so when I caught these dope Photoshop works of art I was going. Its a fusion of classical art from the renaissance and such with grafitti and hip hop culture from the new renaissance on the Q-Tip tip (lol). Check it, this is was from a contest by Worth 1000 back a couple months back, but I just peeped it recently. I picked two of my favorites below.

The piece above is my favorite from the two, because the kid just looks gangsta with those soft-ass stockings and blue hoodie just mean-mugging with the spray can and a stoneless expression. Crazy colors with that one and the tag on the back is ill. The Girl below is just hanging out at the park and it just looks timeless. Upgrade her old school clothing and throw on some Nike Dunks on her and this looks like something you could still see nowadays.

Props to Vimby