Interview: Twista (via GowhereHipHop)

. Jul 24, 2009

The homies over at GowhereHipHop conducted this ill interview of Twista. Peep the snippet below and check out the full-length interview.


GWHH: ...And you know, to me, with Category F5, I think you did a great job of reaching a broad hip hop fanbase - not only with your longtime followers with tracks with the likes of Traxster and Do Or Die but I also feel you are reaching out to the newer generation with tracks with Akon and Gucci Mane for example. Would you agree with that kind of goal?

TWISTA: Yeah, that's me trying to stay youthful with the music. People ask me all the time, 'Twista, how do you stay so timeless?' It's really just knowin' how to put together a record and do what I do, but at the same time, I never let myself get old or feel like I see what the younger guys are doin' it's not hip hop, it's not music. They are the ones that are the trendsetters that make it what it is. I always keep my ear to the street, my ear to what the younger generation are doin'. Like I said, I got a youthful spirit myself; I'm a fan of the music! I'm bumpin' Gucci and Boosie myself.