HBO's "Hung" / Whatever Happened to "It's Pat"?

. Jul 30, 2009

I wonder what the hell the writers of HBO's shows drink or where they got their edu-ma-cation because they keep coming with good shows. "Hung" is their newest show about a man miserable with his life after his wife leaves him, oh yeah and he's short on cash flow. He decides to well...become a gigolo and hilarity ensues with the customers that he gets. Check the trailer.

Aight, so I was watching the show last night with the homie JBiz and when we saw the main character's son "Damon" (see pic below) we could not figure out if he was a boy or a girl? Too confused, we even had a mini-debate going. The scene where I first saw him/her (let's just say "it"), it was getting a manicure with it's sister. That's kinda suspect for a dude...I'm just saying.

Anyways, as the debate kept going on we remember about that 1994 comedy flick, "It's Pat." Tell me you guys remember this movie, it is too funny! The movie is essentially based on the adventures and misadventures of an androgynous main character (Pat) as his neighbor becomes obsessed with finding out if Pat is woman or man. It's one of those flicks you would find on day-time Comedy Central.

You guys remember this movie? Here is a little taste for ya...