. Jul 29, 2009

I'm facing the music...the harsh reality...we get no comments :-( no kinda play. I mean our chatbox gets some love and much props to all the supporters on there, but its like we got no game. On the real, aside from the love of the music and self-expression us bloggers love some comments. It keeps us moving on!

Now I know....dropping comments is kinda out of your way (a couple extra finger movements too many) but show the love for the work! Real sh*t though, God knows I've done that same thing, but from here on out I'm not going to be a hypocrite and get on my comment game too on other respective sites.

With the enhanced support, I know its going to provide more motivation to keep the freshness and originality coming hard *pause*. From time to time, we get to slacking and just post songs/videos/ mixtapes like any other blog, but with the proper support we are gonna be FORCED to continually come correct putting in more typing and searching for the dopest acts, events, etc. out there.

With that's back to work! Thanks for the support!!!