Article: "On Blogs and Promotion"

. Jul 30, 2009

We came across this article after seeing Judah post it on Twitter (@JudahOnthebeat) and I wholeheartedly agree with what dude is saying. Upset the Setup really was right on target. It's a discourse talking about how marketing in the game has changed....Definitely worth reading.

Also...good look on the iLL Vibes shoutout! Always appreciated!!!

Here is just a little snippet....for the full article click here

"...Now in 2009 every aspiring hip hop artist thinks to themselves – “hey, if I can send out my promos to the blogs, then everyone will read about me and I’ll be the next big thing!” So they get in their home studio, record some raps, ‘master’ it, take a picture with their iPhone and put it on the internets. The smart one in the crew by now will have compiled a list of hip hop blogger’s emails and twitters to SPAM them with announcements of the new release. Usually these emails proclaim the return of real hip hop, are poorly written in ALL CAPS and open with a thoughtful “WHAT’S GOOD?” – or even worse they will expose all the email addresses in the CC field on some Marketing Email For Dummies type shit.

Seriously, the other day, I got an email sent to about 100 top hip hop bloggers (Nah Right, 2Dopeboys, Ruby Hornet, DJ Semtex, Ill Vibes, etc) with the subject line “my contacts” – all copied in the CC field. SMH....."