Mixtape: Internet Goon Pesents Summer with the GOONS

. Jun 21, 2009

An incredible project from our homie the Internet Goon! Be sure to peep it and show your love on his blog.


Internet Goon Pesents Summer with the GOONS

1. Internet Goon- iGoon’s Intro
2. Revalation-Let’s Take It Back
3. D. Julien-Sinister Keys
4. Homeboy Sandman-Sand Be The Broham
5. M-Dot-Shout Out
6. M-Dot-Another Woman
7. J. Nolan-I Don’t Wanna Hear It
8. Mouse-Like I’m Posed To Be
9. Internet Goon-Internet Goon
10. Mike Classic-Intoxicated
11. Nov Ganon-Labels
12. Black Table Committee-Fly Than A Muhfucka
13. Revalation ft. Bobby B-What 2 Say
14. Lyriciss-Give Em A Show
15. Jasiri X-Here After
16. Homeboy Sandman-Everyday Love
17. M-Dot-Sluts
18. RoTone-Shout Out
19. E.A.R.T.H ft. TIE-Sexin’ After Textin’
20. S-Caliber ft. Nate Landers-Hey Hollywood
21. Prezzure-Lonely Dayz
22. Wax-Summer In The City
23. Outro
24. Internet Goon Freestyle