Update: Adam Tensta

. Apr 29, 2009

We've mentioned Adam Tensta a few times on the blog - even in our article about Daft Punk, back in February '08. I recently discovered that he's been in the US, putting in a lot of work - working with U-N-I and prepping shows with Mickey Factz, among a few things. In fact, he is taking over the Orisue blog until May 3rd, so check that out when you get the chance. Not only is he chronicling his day-to-day activities, but he's also giving away some free music, which I'll put down below if you haven't peeped his music.

At one point, he was in a video with Wale, so perhaps he's going to be a feature on Wale's new album or mixtape, I'm not sure. In any case, be on the lookout for him and his movement, and search for his name on our blog if you wanted to get to know more about him or peep his blog.


Adam Tensta ft. Lykke Li - Little Bit of Room

Adam Tensta ft. Dida - Electric Feel

Adam Tensta - They Wanna Know