Mixtape: D. Schwartz "Derek Operation"

. Apr 27, 2009

This joint is straight dope! Don't sleep!

"This project was inspired by the timeless beats from DJ Premier that we have all been listening to for years. There is no way I could do all of them, so I chose some of my personal favorites. It was also inspired by all hip hop from the era where dope rhymes and fresh beats was what it was all about. Shout out to my Golden Era of hip hop and artists like - DJ Premier, Guru, Nas, Big Pun, Capone and Noreaga, AZ, Mobb Deep, EPMD, The WHOLE Wu, Canibus, Redman, KRS, The Beatnuts, The Lox, BIG, Heltah Skeltah, OGC, The Whole Duck Down, MOP, Group Home, OC, The Roots, Nature, Cormega, JayZ, Mos, Monch, Slum Village, Kweli, Smooth Da Hustla, De La, Tribe, I could go on and on, but if you know those people, then you know what it is.

This is not intended for the mainstream “hip hop” audience. This is for a select few who remember those days. 1"

1. Intro (Homage to Premo)
2. Invincable (Up In Smoke)
3. F.A.Y.B.A.R. (fuck all you bitch ass rappers!)
4. Golden Schild
5. Filth Versus Butta Verses
6. That White
7. (M.Y.) State of Mind
8. D. Feat. D
9. D.oom
10. SYBCM (Outro)


"Derek Operation"

Source: Nah Right