LP: The 49ers "The Ultrasound" (2009)

. Apr 24, 2009

Many of you are familiar with the 49ers, a Delaware based hip hop group that first came to the scene in 1995 through their affiliation with the hip hop conglomerate, The Outfit. The lead members of The Outfit, Jas Mace and Marchitect, came together under the name the 49ers and have since put out a variety of projects. Their debut album entitled "The Equilibrium", was released in 2007 and received critical acclaim from the underground hip hop community. "The Equilibrium" was definitely one of my favorite albums of that year, and ever since hearing that project, I have been a fan of the duo. The thing that impresses me so much about the 49ers, is that they did all of it on their own - from the production of their album to its promotion. Contrary to so many LPs today, "The Equilibrium" did not contain any features, thus allowing you to hear the 49ers in their purest form. The 49ers also released "State of the Art" later that year which is another one of my favorite LPs. Currently, the group is signed to GoonTrax records, which is one of the largest record labels in Japan. This project,"The Ultrasound", is a break from the norm, as the songs feature a diverse subject matter and original jazzy samples. Definitely check this out and support GOOD hip hop!

Beats (4.5/5)

My Recommendations:
"In Love With Two Women"
"The Sun"
"Endless Rhymes"
"Sophisticated Freaks"
"Fresh Styles"