D.I.T.C.: Trouble Funk - "Trouble Over Here, Trouble Over There (Vinyl LP)"

. Apr 14, 2009

You gotta pay homage to the early originators of the DC go-go sound. I scooped the original vinyl for this a couple months back, and decided I'd stop being stingy and share. This is some good ish right here. Enjoy!

A1 Trouble (5:26)
A2 Woman Of Principle (3:31)
A3 Hey Tee Bone (5:25)
A4 All Over The World (4:16)
B1 Stroke (3:30)
B2 New Money (7:04)
B3 Sexy (3:43)
B4 Break It Up (5:24)

"Trouble Over Here Trouble Over There"