Video: Pat Buchanan Responds to Secretary Holder's Comments

. Mar 5, 2009

This video made me really upset. I consider myself a pretty tolerant person, but I can't stand Pat Buchanan. The part that really bothers me though is that he is not alone in his feelings towards race, a la Russ Limbaugh. I could not believe he actually went as far as to say that "white folks in America are not responsible for the 70% illegitimacy rate in the black community" and that "whites are not responsible for the fact that African Americans commit crimes at 7 times the rate of white Americans". He makes it sound like black people are inherently incapable of doing the right things, and neglects to acknowledge the fact that the US social structure, which has long slighted minorities, is still a dominant player in these disparities. The fact that the majority of people in power in the US are Caucasian is a testament to the fact that our social policies are skewed. If you want to talk about illegitimacy, let's talk about the funding that poor urban schools received under "No child left behind" or in a bit of recent news, the cuts that were made to education by republicans in the stimulus plan. I just think it's absurd to make such bold accusations without acknowledging all of the processes at work. Do black people need to be held accountable? Yes, they most certainly do, but let's be real. The government has exploited minority populations for years and still continues to do so. Why else would 70% of all stop and frisks in the state of NY be against blacks and hispanics? Is it just because they are bad people? No! So, if you want to talk about "African Americans" committing crimes, let's also talk about all the BS that goes on in our criminal justice system, a lot of which is tied to racial bias (eg. Sean Bell, Diallo, corrupt judges in PA). I mean, why is there STILL a huge disparity between white collar crimes and blue collar crimes? Why can you carry a longer jail sentence for possessing crack as compared to an equal amount of cocaine? I think this debate further exemplified secretary Holder's comments. Why can't we hold a discussion about issues such as the New York Post cartoon or inequities in the criminal justice system without being called "sensitive". I am just glad Michael Eric Dyson was on there as well, because he has the gift of gab and he was able to offer a few counter punches. Like I said, I usually don't like to get too political on here, but this clip really angered me. How do you feel?!? Note: I don't care if you totally disagree, just share your thoughts.