Design: WUI Sound Chair by Gerry²

. Mar 17, 2009

My initial impression upon seeing this chair was that it is a modern day recreation of the stone-age chairs seen in the popular cartoon show The Flintstones. This chair doesn't look comfortable in the least, but for what it lacks in comfort (although I have never actually sat in it, so I may be very comfortable; although I highly doubt it), it easily makes up for in function. This aesthetically pleasing chair, which resembles obsidian glass, is actually a sound chair. Via Born Rich:

"The surfaces are connected with small devices that can turn nearly any flat surface into a soundboard. This chair allows listening to media devices without the need of traditional speakers. The chair translates electric signals into mechanical energy and causes the flat surfaces to vibrate and broadcast the sound. Each surface gives the music a different tone. The WUI sound chair also offers wireless connection to any Bluetooth-enabled music playing device. The best thing I liked about the WUI is its design and it looks a way different and inviting than most of the music playing chairs we have seen till date"

Source: Born Rich