PSA: Happy Birthday to iLLVibes

. Feb 25, 2009

(C) Phu N.

So it all began on this day, one year ago, that we decided to start this blog. iLLVibes originated out of a simple idea, a common platform that we all shared - mainly to spread what we thought was fresh, our essentials of cool, as Lupe would say. We weren't trying to bite anyone or any style; in fact, at that time, we did not know too much of the blogging world. Little did we know that when we involved ourselves into the Internet world, this opened the doors to so many events and movements. Within this realm was a world full of great people and essentials: we've met, along the way, incredible bloggers and amazing innovators, fresh and exciting artists and what products they had to offer. We've connected with and advanced our conglomerate, so to speak, of well-rounded individuals and teams, and thanks in large part to the efforts of such people, we have come a long way as a blog and an entity.

What started out as something "fun" to do turned into a daily essential of exposing the world to the many facets of our lives that fortunately connected with our viewers and others. In a sense, we have become one of the many platforms that reflects the desires of the information seekers, those whose hunger is satiated only by finally reaching to a blog. We feel honored to contribute, and thank you again for coming along with us for this ride. Hopefully, and we cross our fingers, we can truly celebrate with the above cake with that many candles someday, but until then, enjoy this "iLLVibes-recommended" digital cake.

Here's to one year and to many more years!!