Artist History You Didn't Know About

. Feb 6, 2009

So I was having a random convo with one of my young'n friends (I won't name names *ahem*), and I had to school this person on the history of some of these RnB acts. Some people don't know that a lot of RnB individuals have been in the game before they finally blew up. For instance, Bobby Valentino aka Bobby V was somewhat successful in the mid-1990s with a group called Mista, in large part because of the following hit:

Blackberry Molasses

Another song by Mista:


And, yes, I do have this Mista album. Hahaha. In fact, that's why Bobby V works with the producers Tim & Bob so much, because of their collaborations with Bobby during the Mista days.

And, then, how can we forget N'Toon?!?! Remember Lloyd when he was with them?? Yes, the same Lloyd who was the lead singer for N'Toon with their one-hit wonder, "Ready". They had another song, but it wasn't as successful. Peep li'l Lloyd in the video:


Here is footage of Usher with his group NuBeginnings from back in the day:

Can you think of other big RnB acts who made it big but along the way were part of a group???