Obama's Suit on Inauguration Day

. Jan 22, 2009

No doubt there were millions of people watching as Obama stepped out of his bullet-proof Cadillac limo - aka "The Beast" - and gasped in suspense, nervous as ever and hoping only for the best. Of course, even the largest squadron of security officers and Secret Service members couldn't ensure the complete safety of Obama. Many, however, are speculating that, along with these extra precautions, Obama was also wearing a bullet-resistant suit! According to many reports, this suit was designed by the Colombian designer Miguel Caballero, whose clienteles have persuaded him to create a $7500 polo shirt that is also bullet-resistant.

From Wired: "According to Caballero, many of his garments offer more than three levels of ballistic protection and they are about seven times more flexible than the Kevlar vests that are usually worn. Designers that use Kevlar tie together dense strands of the material (500 to 1,500 filaments per strand of yarn, according to Slate), which is then weaved into the clothing."

For more information, check out that Wired article, as well as this NBC Chicago article. For more information on the Beast, go here.