Classic Video: Pete Rock & CL Smooth "I Got A Love"/"Take You There"

. Jan 24, 2009

So...I have been MIA lately dealing with life and all that jazz, and I guess you can say this is my comeback. Sometimes it's just good to just get away from things and reflect. For me, that comes in the form of zoning out to some ATCQ or NaS. This time it was a little different though, because, instead of listening to "Illmatic" or "The Love Movement" (my personal favorite, although it is often slept on), I decided to pop in Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "The Main Ingredient". I have always been a fan of Pete Rock and CL Smooth, dating back to the 8th grade when I first heard their LP "All Souled Out", but I never really took the time to "let it marinate" as I always say.

"I Got A Love"

For the past two weeks, I have been bumping this album non-stop and I have easily listened to it over 30 times. Pete Rock's crazy production coupled with CL Smooth's "smooth" and philosophical rhymes offer the perfect "ingredients" for, dare I say, a PERFECT album. I might have lost some of you right there with my use of the word 'perfect', but I am standing by my claim. This album is a perfect example of what hip hop is missing right now, DIVERSITY. Each track tells a different story and in the process hits you with a plethora of similies and metaphors which are enhanced by Pete Rock's SP1200 laced beats. From the first track, "In the House" which features a Biz & Q-tip sample, Pete Rock and CL Smooth immediately pull you in and invite you to join them on a musical journey through "Carmel City". I can go on for days about this album, but it seems only right for me to let you dig this one of of your crates, or digital archives and give it a few spins. Peep the videos for "I Got A Love" and "Take You There", and also be sure to check out the interview with Pete Rock. Let it marinate...

"Take You There"

Pete Rock Interview: