Classic Video: Digital Underground "Same Song"/"Dowutchyalike"

. Dec 21, 2008

When I was younger I used to love Digital Underground. Coming from the west coast, they showed people (especially us cats on the east coast) that west coast rap was not limited to just "gangster rap" and it could actually be about having a good time. Funk-ridden beats and whimsical rhymes became a staple of the group, which was a huge shift from their initial political focus. These are two of my favorite Digital Underground videos. "Dowutchyalike" was a feel good song which told us to let go and have fun, an essence that was definitely captured in the video. "Same Song" was dope not only because was it a music video for the hilarious movie "Nothing But Trouble", but it also featured a young Tupac Shakur who was once a member of the group. Aight, that's enough chatter....let it marinate.

PS. Shock G gets mad props for producing one of my favorite Tupac joints "I Get Around"