Mixtape: DJ Heat - The Mumbo Sauce, Vol. 3

. Nov 8, 2008

Shout outs to DJ Heat for hitting us up with this! This is what DJ Heat had to say about the project: "As ya'll know (or may not know), every fall me and my music partners LX and OMD release The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape series. We are now on a third fall, and we present to you our third installment. Finally, here it is...The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Volume 3. I hope that ya'll look out for me, as I always look out for ya'll when info is sent my way. :) Thank you in advance, and I hope ya'll like it."


DJ Heat - The Mumbo Sauce, Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

1. What Else-RAtheMC
2. Ridin Remix-XO f Wale
3. Special Request-Wordsmith
4. Cruzin-Thad Reid f Akshan
5. U-Turn- Skryptur f Raheem DeVaughn
6. Don't Know How to Act-Charmsidi
7. Somewhere to Be At-Muggsy Malone
8. No Smoke, No Mirrors-CALICO
9. Get Mines In-Suffadon
10. These Rappers Fake As Shit-Big-B
11. Southeast Anthem-i 12. Sexy Lady-DeU.c.e. Double
13. They Fakin-Lyriciss
14. Babylon-Kokayi
15. Black N Mild- Carty-Yeah
16. I'm Hot-Syce the Hittmaker
17. Mt. Rockmore-Greenspan
18. Push Start-Dappa Dan!!! Midas f Rapman Ron G
19. Ben Franks-Badd Nooze f Nussie
20. Berry White-Diggz
21. Maria-Maria J
22. Can U Hear Me-J. Sparxxx
23. Im'a Give It To You-JoRob