Design: Husqvarna Automower

. Nov 11, 2008

I am so mad they did not have these when I was coming up. I still remember spending hours outside cutting the grass and doing "yardwork". Americans in the future are going to be one lazy generation with all these new devices coming out. Anyway the Husqvarna Automower (HA) is a solar powered lawn mover that operates without supervision. In order to use the automower, you must install a "low laying or buried perimeter" which outlines that lawn boundaries for the HA. The HA then proceeds to cut the grass according to your length specifications and programmed schedule. According to Inhabitat, the HA is able to cut about 1/4 an acre for every 10 hours of charging. One of the coolest things about the HA is that when its battery is low, it automatically returns to its base to begin charging, meaning that you won't have to do a "search and rescue" for your device. And for anyone who is thinking about purchasing the HA you might want to save up as this crafty device will set you back about $3000.00.

Swiped from: Inhabitat