Mr. West "Locked Down" in LAX

. Sep 11, 2008

Ah man, so I hope you guys noticed the new change in banner up above. From now on, we are gonna spice up the banner side of iLL Vibes by updating it according to what's going on in the fashion/political/music/comedy world and for us news of Mr. West and new album is exciting. However, lol what a coincedence, we put up Kanye and he gets in the headlines.

Apparently in LAX airport he was arrested for felony vandalism as he smashed a paparrazzi camera that was worth $10,000.00!!!! TMZ recorded that footage, then one of the members of the West camp smashed that camera as well. DAMN, and I wooonder what got dude so irate.

Here's the actual footage. Check out the Louis Vuitton bag!!! Too fresh!!!

Everybody loses their heads reminded me of this song

"Its just one of those days..."