MIXTAPE: Marky x Mick Boogie presents "The Drive-Thru"

. Sep 8, 2008

So I went through my inbox and I was pleased it find this mixtape. The DMV is on the rise with a myriad of artists trying to get on, but not of all of them can consistently bring it aside from the DC pioneer Wale. I mean the dude is already in the hip hop upper echelon. However, Marky has promise, I made a post about this guy a couple weeks ago as I was really vibin with the track "Moping Around." I remember listening to it hoping I would hear more stuff like this on his mixtape and I was so damn relieved when I did. This mixtape is for all of you who want to vibe in your ride or at the crib. I'm not talking about vibin and wildin out, I'm talking about kickin it with the homies or when you are just trying to listen to some music and sink in it.

The sound, I love it. Marky got cuts with Raheem Devaughn, Citizen Cope, Radiohead, and Gwen Stefani. About the Stefani track, I was glad to hear it cause just the other day I heard the No Doubt song "Don't Speak" on the radio and I have always been a fan of the guitar on that song and Stefani's voice on the chorus (check the song here if you don't know what I'm talking about). The sample was perfect and Marky reinvented the track and made it his own and it's definitely one of my favorites (props to Fastrax on the production). Listening to "Jigsaw Falling into Place" with Radiohead, I had the feeling like I was listening to some Gorillaz so it definitely brought a smile to my face.

The Devaughn collabo on the "Solar System Remix" is CRAZY!!! Raheem came with heat and outshines Marky on the track, but Marky still holds his own impressively switching the speed of his flow up and down while still staying with the beat.The Best Kept Secret is a DC producer best known for the amazing collabs he has done with Wale on "100 Miles and Running" and "The Mixtape about Nothing." The track he produced "Visiting Hours" is simple, yet it works as Marky takes Kanye West's feelings from the song "Roses" and provides his own story and interpretation. The track that probably brings the most DC flavor is "Higher", although it primarily has an old school feel, you can definitely feel the go-go influence with those it also has unmistakable DC drums beats in the background. There actually aren't any real tracks that are skip-worthy, the closest I would get to that would be "Metamorfosis" that is my least favorite track that is s still alright, so all in all this is a pretty damn good mixtape.

It's no wonder why Mick Boogie ("THE COMMISH-INEER" lol) chose to make a mixtape with Marky, dude is ill. Lyrically he's strong, but I know there is space to improve and I'm positive he will. In So DOWNLOAD THIS MIXTAPE, wake up, don't sleep and take a trip to "The Drive Thru"
Favorite Tracks:

*You and Me
*Moping Around
*Solar System Remix
*Jigsaw Falling into Place


Marky x Mick Boogie Presents: "The Drive-Thru"

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