MIXTAPE: Christian Rich - "I Found My Favorite Beats and Rhymed to Them While Watching Coming to America"

. Sep 15, 2008

Yes, I know the title...rather long.
But from the start, that's what I dig about Christian Rich, they aren't predictable, they are real. How many times have you just been chilling with your friends, watching tv, or in the bathroom lol and lightbulbs go off in your head as you come up with some dope ideas. That's what happened to these guys while watching the classic "Coming to America", and they gave Murphy his props.

These are the kind of acts that need to get attention and be on the radio. The homies over at DCtoBC, shoutout to Modi, hooked me up with this in the inbox and I was impressed by this group. This group is different, but still leaves dabs of familiarity in your ears as the dude christian sounds so much like Pharrell on "Monday Tuesday Girl" and "The Same" that it almost freaked me out. On "Dooom!" I swore I heard the Cool Kids. These cats aren't afraid to break boundaries,as each track isn't formulated or predictable they switch it from a chill flow on "Dooom"!" to an electro-party track on "Diplo." Oh and to top it off, this mixtape is sponsored by Lemar & Dauley, fresh clothes for a fresh sound (damn they gotta get me to do commercials, can I got some promotional clothing? lol) So do me a favor, check these guys out leave some love and comments.