DaScratch brings touch control to DJ hardware

. Sep 22, 2008

DJing with your laptop has loads of advantages, but emulating realistic DJ scratching can be tricky. Some people solve the problem with Wiimotes, but the most common workaround to get vinyl-like control of your DJ software is to convert your old turntables into digital-MIDI controllers using expensive systems such as Serato, Torq, or Traktor Scratch. Now, if you want to get all touchy-feely with your digital-DJ software without breaking the bank (or your back), Stanton is offering a new option called DaScratch.

DaScratch is a USB-powered MIDI controller that offers touch-sensitive control over your DJ software. Stanton includes integrated-software support for popular applications like Traktor and Serato, as well as advanced MIDI support for more musical apps, such as Ableton Live.

DaScratch does more than just give laptop DJs scratch control over their MP3s. The trackpad at the center of the system responds to multiple gestures, which can control EQ settings, effects, crossfade, and even trigger samples or cue points. A selection of buttons placed around the DaScratch touchpad offer some standard playback controls for those times when multigesture touch control is too much for your brain to process. The DaScratch system has a retail price of $299 and is due out in October.