"A Cross the Universe"

. Sep 1, 2008

Check out this sneak peak from the upcoming Justice documentary "A Cross the Universe"

Via Pitchfork:

A Cross the Universe will be a CD/DVD bundle, with a live set on the CD and a documentary-- co-directed by the band, "stress" vid guy Romain-Gavras, and "DVNO"/"D.A.N.C.E." vid guy So Me-- on the DVD. No word just yet on the CD tracklist, but the package is due Stateside in November via the Downtown imprint.

Fan photos will apparently appear in a booklet accompanying a limited edition version of A Cross the Universe, so if you think your photo of that lit-up cross thing is better than everybody else's photo of that lit-up cross thing, you ought to send it-- or any fun/dramatic picture, image, or art related to Justice-- to justicematerial@edbangerrecords.com. Justice thanks you.

Swiped from EatSkeet