Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (Piet Mondrian)

. Aug 5, 2008

Check the Inspiration:

These kicks came out a couple of months ago, I think back out in May 2008 but I ran into them the other day and I just thought that the concept was dope. I'm a big art fan, and the merge of Nike and Art had me done. I mean fashion is pretty much art itself, its a form of self-expression as you selectively choose what you are going to wear (I'll spare the lecture and keep it short). Piet Mondrian was an artist that was hooked on order and rules, as you can see his artwork pretty much manipulated the shape of canvas with a series of squares and rectangles. He also strictly used primary colors like yellow, white, blue, black, and red. It's beast to see those principles somewhat emulated in these kicks.....

Simplicity + Primary colors = A Great Pair of Kicks

The Mondrians

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