Eclectic Music - "Black Kids" - Partie Traumatic

. Aug 21, 2008

So here and there I like to bump some other genres, mostly electro and a mild dash of rock. The Black Kids are like that perfect mix, as some of the tracks on their LP "Partie Traumatic" almost sound like something N.E.R.D. would make especially their newest single "Look at Me (When I Rock Witchoo)." I was deep in Cut Copy as their cd "In Ghost Colours" is arguably one of the best CDs of 2008, and the lead singer of Black Kids sounds strangely close to the lead singer of Cut Copy. The Black Kids got their big break with the song "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You", the video was crazy but I'm a big fan of the remix by The Twelves (You got to listen to the beat). I remember I heard the remix first back in October and it started getting a lot of attention on electro blogs like Disco Belle and ever since then I was just waiting for more to leak.

(The Twelves Remix)

Eventually, another track did leak as the Twelves did an amazing remix to the chill
"Hurricane Jane."

My favorite tracks of the album aside for two aforementioned cuts are "I'm Making Eyes at You" where the lead singer's voice stands out fittingly over a calm beat and guitar strings. The track straights out beautifully with a slow acapella and the poetic lyrics of the song really had a hold on me. I also just love the title of the song.

"So you want my affection?
We both know you'll only throw it away,
But if you must have a go, fine, ok!
If you must have a go, then go away!

Please don't, please don't speak.
Last night has no doubts.
In between the drinks.
Even as we speak..."

I'm Making Eyes at You

As a fan, I'm thrilled with the direction of the band as they chose to release my favorite songs as their first three singles, aside from "Making Eyes at You" Don't you hate it when one of your favorite artists has an amazing album and their record label make questionable decisions for their singles? Anyways, check out their newest video for the fun track "Look at Me ( When I Rock Witchoo)."

Its some good music, if you are looking for something different. Definitely iLL Vibes recommended. For more info on The Black Kids, check out their Myspace.