Chromeo: A Present Day Hall & Oates

. Aug 26, 2008

So damn....I'm surprised I never saw the similarities before. Not that I am a big Hall & Oates fan, but I definitely knew about them. On the other hand, I have not stopped listening to Chromeo in last couple of months as at least one of their tracks always hits my daily rotation. Well a couple of days ago Daryl Hall invited Chromeo to be a guest on their show and that is when I found out how much Chromeo admired Hall & Oates. Furthermore, Chromeo is helping Hall & Oates out with their new record!!!!

Chromeo definitely caught onto an amazing sound with the easy-listening voice of Hall & Oates, the imaginative and infectious 80 synths grooves of electronica, and a dash of swagger. Now, I'm going to post some Hall & Oates tracks that made me see the obvious influence...

This is prolly the track the most stands out,
Don't those 80s synths sound familiar?

Yo check this vid, Daryl Hall was rockin scarfs before Kanyeezy (holla)
He's too nice

The hell with the term "blue-eyed soul"
This is just plain ole soul and good R&B, love this track

Just listen to this beat and imagine electro sounds in the background
...then you have Chromeo

No... Nelly Furtado aint come up with that ish.
Dude is smooth on this track

Ok....time to switch it up for those of you that might not be too up on Chromeo (Shame on yall fools) Here are some of their hits off "Fancy Footwork"easily one of the best albums of 07 and 08.

This video just reminds me of MTV in the 80s LOL

LOL this songs creeps me out, but sounds dope

The dopeness continues....

Saving the best for last, this is the anthem right here....

The 80s lives on!!!!