AZ - N4L Mixtape...

. Aug 5, 2008

I have been a fan of AZ for a long time. The first time I heard him was on Nas's Illmatic on the track "Life's a Bitch". When I first heard that track, I was like "Damn, this dudes flow is impeccable". I was not left hanging either as his debut album"Doe or Die" which came out a year later was a CLASSIC, with tough cuts like Rather Unique, Sugar Hill, Ho-Happy Jackie, and the list goes on. Fourteen years after that initial release, AZ is still dropping new music, and although "Undeniable (2008)" was nowhere near the caliber of "Doe or Die", his flow is still untouched. AZ's flow which features multi-syllable rhyme schemes, internal rhymes, and boasts a large vocabulary is still one of the best flows that I have ever heard. On AZ's newest mixtape effort, N4L (N****s For Life) which was officially released today, he teamed up with DJ Absolut to put out 16 brand new tracks ready for fan consumption...haha...Check out one of the first singles from the mixtape, The Secret featuring Raekwon and Charlie Rock. I really like the track, but after a first listen I am not really feeling the beat. It reminds me of the Kriss Kross "Jump" beat on crack, but maybe that is just me...haha...Anyway check out the mixtape below and for those who want to reminisce with me for a minute check out the Suagr Hill video below.

1. Introduction
2. Knowledge Freedom
3. The Secret (w/ Charlie Rock)
4. Heaven And Hell
5. 12 Jewels
6. Murder (w/ Charlie Rock & Starkim)
7. The Teks On Deck (w/ KC)
8. Negro Spiritual
9. Never Gonna Stop
10. Conspiracy
11. Runaway Slave
12. Nigga Games
13. I’m That Nigga
14. Original
15. I Just Wanna (w/ Trey Songz, Sheek Louch & Max B)
16. Self Saviour