XV - The Square in the Circle Mixtape (iLL Vibes Recommended)

. Jul 8, 2008

Aight yo, music flows in my library all day everyday and I run across mixtapes like drunks run streetlights (yea Jay reference), and I'm telling you this mixtape has a lot to offer. I probably haven't felt this way about a mixtape since Theophilus London's "Jam." It's a fresh sound on the cutting edge of the fusion between electronica and hip hop. It's a rare kind of concept mixtape that caught me off guard, as I only became aware of it a couple of days ago. It's really dope though, dude raps on Smashing Pumpkins, Justice, and yes....Chromeo.
Check the Tracks: Party Lights, 3x5 & Postcards, Farewell, & 1997
Ok, I'm hyping it too much.
I'ma fall back and let the music do the talking.

XV - The Square in the Circle


XV feat. Mickey Factz & Jesse Boykins - The Questions

Finally Be on the Lookout for an exclusive iLL Vibes Interview with XV Coming Soon!