Stuttering, Halitosis, Ciara, Oh My!

. Jul 14, 2008

So this happened a couple of days ago, but I thought it was too funny. I don't really watch 106 and park since AJ and Free left. Terrence was KILLING Rocsi, and she got so mad she walked off the stage before the 2nd video and refused to finish the show.
What exactly did Terrence do?

1. Dogged her on messing up an email and her stuttering
2. Said her breath smelled bad all the time during the show
3. Asked why she couldn't look like Ciara.
4. After she walked off, called her too sensitive about her job.

LOL too unprofessional, Terrence gotta keep all those attempts to 1st grade flirt off camera.

This is pretty entertaining check it out
You can just see the anger on her face...