Rock The Bells Coverage: Afrika Bambaataa & B-Boys

. Jul 30, 2008

This is another segment from the Rock the Bells Tour this past weekend. The dopest thing about Rock the Bells was that they had two stages so that in between performances on the major stage by some of the bigger named artists, you could go to the second stage and watch other people perform. The best thing about the second stage was that only a handful of people went there so we got to go directly to the front of the stage. In between the Method Man and Pharcyde set, Afrika Bambaataa performed for about an hour. It was a ridiculous experience as he really took it back to good old days when people went to the park to party and break. B-boys actually stepped up and started breaking which added to the experience. I definitely have to give them props because they were doing it on the concrete. Check it out!