Kaws JJP...

. Jul 29, 2008

A few weeks ago, we dropped a post about Nike 1 world's collaboration with renowned street artist Kaws. Check out his bio here if you don't know who he is. Three days ago, he released a new 8'' toy, inspired by the mascot of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Pi-pokun. Kaws is well known for designs which incorporate his trademark X, apparent in place of the eyes and on the hands of the JJP doll. I am really diggin' Kaw's work and if you like this design I highly encourage you to check out some of his other work on his site. Kaw's brand, Original Fake, has also released a set of matching T-shirts for the JJP doll available at Original Fake retailers and online here. Also be sure to check out the Original Fake Fall/ Winter 2008 Collection here.

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