The Cool Kids - That's Stupid The Mixtape

. Jul 1, 2008

The Cool of my favorite acts out right now. The vibe that they give off is simply refreshing and at the same time nostalgic of the early 90s. I loved the "Totally Flossed Out" mixtape and I'm still banging "The Bake Sale." These cats are still on their grind and I'm glad to present to you "That's Stupid The Mixtape." Here is what the Cool Kids had to say about it:

"Two things I wanna say.. this in your car first!

2. Dont skip.. its only 25 minutes.. (shit is Epic)

Enjoy ...

That's Stupid -The Mixtape


1. Its Dinner Time
2. Oscar the Grouch
3. That'll Work
4. Full and Paid
5. Box of Rocks
6. Ass Made of Diamonds