Asher Roth - Throw Some Water On Em

. Jul 23, 2008

Asher hits the booth and delivers. Check out his version of "Throw Some Water on Em." Click the pic for the song!

In other funny news, John Brown (remember him?), self-proclaimed "King of the 'Burbs," apparently is none too happy about the rise of Asher Roth. Here's what he has to say about Asher and how Asher apparently stole his style:
The comments made in your recent interview with the SRC burbs biter needs to be addressed. Since your publication initiated the conversation regarding the show, I think it would be appropriate to hit ya’ll up about responding to this fuckery. This dude and his Scooter Libby sidekick are so obviously a bunch of Stans that watched the WRS show and then completely bit the whole burbs branding and lifestyle that I represented on the show and continue to represent in hip hop…all of sudden this kid pops up on SRC with Don Cannon’s co-sign and his moto is “burbs first to murder a verse”, his lead off single is “I Love College” and talks about his weekly “keg parties” with videos of him playing beer pong with red keg party cups. He says “he’s not a rapper”, which is like my slogan I used to sum up my philosophy on the show: “I’m not a rapper I’m an entity”. His photoshoots are very similar to my photoshoot with Complex magazine as he tries to all of sudden embrace suburbia. So to hear that he watched the white rapper show religiously and then turned around and bit my whole burbs style is disgusting. It’s like his team tried to take the branding from John Brown and the sound of Eminem and create a Burb Frankenstein.

To read the whole interview, go here.