A Trak - NIKE Running Man Album Sampler

. Jun 21, 2008

A Trak is one of the dopest producers out in the game that you do not hear about. If you don't know about him let me just drop a couple of credientials:

1. He won the DMC's World DJ Championship at 15 (youngest ever to win)
2. Only DJ to win all three major DJ competition titles (DMC, ITF, & Vestax
3. Worked with Kanye, Jay-z, Questlove, Kid Sister, Cool Kids,
4. Runs his own label with Nick Catchdubs (Dude that did Wale's Mixtape About Nothing) and Chromeo (the singer is his brother)

Enough said...and he killed this NIKE Running Man joint, it makes you just want to get up, lace your shoes, and just run. This is only the album sampler, but the blend of tracks is so good you just gotta get it. So like NIKE, "Just Do It" (corny i know but i had to).

Here is what A Trak had to say on Nike Approaching him for the project:

"I don't really run. Yet when NIKE asked me to do this track I was smitten. There was a musical challenge there, and I got excited. I've been producing mostly uptempo electro tracks as of late, but my background is hip hop and I think you can hear it in my choice of sounds. I wanted this record to showcase my current style, but I also didn't want to stray away from hip hop completely. That's why you find guest rap verses in the mix, plenty of chopped & screwed vocals, and a hefty dose of drum breaks that are surely more block party than Ibiza."

The real album is 45 minutes, and if you think the sampler is dope, just buy the full man.