. Jun 10, 2008

It is finally out, go out and buy the new N.E.R.D. cd "Seeing Sounds" that is coming out in stores today. This joint is one of the best releases in 2008 as it contains the perfect blend of alternative rock, hip hop, and a little bit of R&B. Support good music, good artists......get it, got it. good.

As bloggers, we have access to a wide array of new music whether it be underground mixtapes or mainstream CDs. Despite this easy access, we still have the responsibility to support good artists and good music so that it continues to come out. I get tired of hearing people say that hip hop is dead when they don't even go out to support artists by buying their CDs or going to their shows. Then they act surprised when people like Soulja Boy and Plies start to flood the radio and television. I almost died when I found out that Soulja Boy had the highest selling digital downloads for his song "Crank That" coming in at roughly 3 million downloads (article). What kind of message does this send to record company executives who are not interested in preserving hip hop as a genre, but rather maximizing their profits?

It is no wonder why we have witnessed a plethora of songs that are accompanied by their own dance. I am in no way singling out the south in this assertion as NY has been the birthplace of many ridiculous dance tracks as well a la Chicken Noodle Soup & Aunt Jackie. The bottom line is that we need to stop letting artists like 50 cent outsell artists who personify the creative and expressive art form that is hip hop (Kanye, NERD, Lupe, etc.). In order to fix the problems that we see in hip hop today, we need to start supporting the up incoming artists who are putting out good music (Jay Who?, Daytona, Shwayze, Theophilus London, Mickey Factz, etc.) and not let them get shut out by record companies seeking to put out what sells over what is good. I think Wale puts it best in his song "The Perfect Plan" when he says "They say hip hop's dead, I believe it's just the fans"....

Oh yeah...and feel free to continue downloading music from artists like these....j/k....but no really...haha