Music Is A Time Machine - By: Rahzel

. Jun 27, 2008

Remember Rahzel? If you mother only knew?? All I Know?? The stuff he did with the Roots?? He was nice man, definitely on Doug E. Fresh's level. Well the other day I was just chillin watchin TV and saw this pretty dope commercial by Fuse TV and the music just sounded familiar and I almost was positive it was Rahzel and surely enough it was.
Check out this commercial that goes into the many fads and phases of hip hop with the Yeezy glasses, to high tops, fades, Adidas, track jackets, etc.
(Not saying that those things make hip hop and that it can be commercialized and reduced to simply material objects, but they are definitely a part of its history).
But anyway Rahzel killed it, check it out:

Music Is a Time Machine

And since I already mentioned Rahzel, I gotta drop these classics as well:

All I Know

Online Videos by

If Your Mother Only Knew...