Mr. Suitcase - Frauds

. Jun 13, 2008

Found this joint the other day...I'll let you read Mr. Suitcase's description first:

"This past winter, I began putting together what I'd planned to be a mixtape for my friends. But instead of just mixing songs in a set, I suddenly found myself weaving the tracks together, inspired by collage aesthetics and ambient pop. I began adding new elements where I thought the originals were lacking. People began dropping by the studio to record vocals and instruments over the loops and fragments I'd extracted and, well... Soon enough, the result has become more than just the generic mixtape.

"Frauds" is neither mixtape nor album. It's neither remix nor mash-up. It's something in between. "Frauds" is built from elements ranging from Prince to Nicolas Makelberge, from Ashanti to Zongamin, layered with field recordings and finalized by the recordings in Roth Händle Studio where the album... Sorry, the fraud was completed.

"Frauds" features guest appearances by Mattias Olsson, Henric Larsson, Christian Fernandes, Gösta Fråd and Gryqllo."

I couldn't agree more with what dude said, this collection of tracks is like a smooth voyage through a mixture of techno and popular music from the past couple of years. For example, at 11:57 dude mixes into the classic beat from Biggie's "One More Chance" and does a trance-like transition into Usher's "Yeah" with Lil Jon's occasional trademark sound bytes. Aside from billboard hits, Mr. Suitcase also blends over some great electro tracks similar to what I've heard on the Chromeo CD except without lyrics. It's pretty much a chill CD to listen to if you are in for a long car ride and need a road mix for when you just feel like thinking without hearing too many lyrics. Unfortunately it is all in one track, but it's a pretty good mix.

Mr. Suitcase - Frauds