Kimbo Slice(d) Thompson

. Jun 1, 2008

Last night, I decided to check out the MMA Elite XC fight of Kimbo Slice and James Thompson. I'm not usually into the sport that much, but I was pretty surprised the fight was on CBS considering how violent it can get and of course I've seen those youtube clips of Kimbo (He looks like a diesel Rick Ross). Since dude went pro he is 3-0 including last night's fight against Thompson. However, before last night he was criticized for not fighting against credible fighters, for having no technique since he just turned pro, and that his whole act is a charade.

Unfortunately for Thompson, he came out and proved the haters wrong and beat that ass. Check out the clip, Kimbo straight punched the hell out of Thompson's cauliflower (EGHCK!). Propz to Kimbo for getting that win, and look at how Thompson takes a swipe at the ref after he calls off the fight (lol).

For those of yall who haven't seen Kimbo's youtube clips, check out the vid below:

Peep this Interview with Kimbo as well: