Jaguar Skills Hoooo!!...

. Jun 29, 2008

I have been pretty busy lately with a bunch of different things, but I managed to take some time out yesterday to listen to music that was stocked up in my iTunes. After sorting through a bunch of different mixes I came across this 48 minute hip hop mix by DJ Jaguar Skills. Although the name sounded very familiar, I had not heard any of his music before, so I decided to give it a few spins.I was immediately taken back as the mix started with "King Tim III" and just kept moving on from there. Needless to say I was jamming the whole way through. I can hardly explain how hype I was about this mix. DJ Jaguar Skills was able to seamlessly mix 800 CLASSIC Hip Hop tracks in a 48 minute set.I soon began to quiz myself and after passing with flying colors(haha), I decided to dig up some more information on this dude.

I found out that DJ Jaguar Skills is a fresh DJ out of London, England who has a spot on the Trevor Nelson show every Saturday night at 7:30 GMT on BBC radio."After honing his DJ skills playing parties in East London’s coolest underground clubs and bars, Jaguar Skills developed his own brand of party music. Mixing Hip-Hop, Dance, Dub, Disco, Ragga and Rock with his own productions and remixes, Jaguar Skills quickly made a name for himself, smashing party after party.After releasing a mix tape for Maharishi, he caught the ear of Jade Jagger, who invited him to spin at her Jezebel party night at Ibiza’s Pacha club. After three great gigs, he was asked back to be the Jezebel Resident DJ the following year.On the production side he has currently produced tracks with Lupe Fiasco, Sway, The Beatnuts and Mattafix – while his remixes have been the prize passion of any DJ who owns them."The 48 minute mix originally dropped it 2007 and he regularly drops mixes on his blog. Check out a few of the mixes below and be sure to stop by his blog and myspace for more information and mixes.Click on the covers to download.

Jaguar Skills X Lord Basis Supreme - A Hip Hop Odyssey

Biggie Special

Sweetie Irie - Badman

Thriller Special