It's About Damn Time....

. Jun 18, 2008

I'm a little late on this post, it's been a long day but I had to write something about the amazing spectacle last night. Finally, three talented, respected, future hall of famers finally got what they have been battling for the past several NBA Championship. This year the Boston Celtics went from one of the worst teams in the league to the top of the hill and everybody contributed.

Ray Allen, the sharpshooter of the team, set an NBA Finals record with 22 threes in a Finals series and most threes in a Finals game with 7 in Game 4. Paul Pierce, the heart and soul of the Celtics rightfully won MVP as he did all of the intangibles for the team as he came back from injury in a Rocky-esque atmosphere in Game 1, was able to shut down the greatest player in the planet in Kobe Bryant in Game 5, and consistently got to the rim and scored when his team needed it. Kevin Garnett, was utterly amazing in this series defensively as he shut down Pau Gasol and left the Spanish All Star intimidated.

Game 6 had more highlights than the entire NBA Finals as the Celtics punished the Lakers 131 to 92. Everybody had a piece of the action with Eddie House and Posey shooting threes and Big Baby Glenn Davis, Leon Powe, and Tony Allen throwing some dunks down towards the end of the fourth quarter. You have to be proud of Rajon Rondo, a second year player that has at times looked like a veteran in this series, as he battled to get minutes as he was strategically defended by Bryant because of his poor mid-range field goal percentage. But I gotta say the best play of the game and probably the play that sealed the victory early in the game was Garnett's amazing three point play in which he hung in the air until his defender, Odom, fell and through up a sweet bank shot while getting fouled and falling to the ground.

Boston fans experienced something for the record books, the atmosphere was amazing with the crowd roaring as their team just kept on piling up the score. The Lakers looked dazed and confused, the game looked like it was a college team playing against a professional team. The concentration of the Lakers was totally broken as they were getting threes shot on them left and right (13 to be exact) and got dunked on like their opponents were playing on a Fisher Price rim.

Personally, I was going for the Lakers but I was not at all disappointed when I saw Pierce, Allen, and Garnett finally get their championship. I have never seen Garnett have so many smiles in an NBA game, I am used to his intense mentality (you know what I'm talking about, that crazy look Garnett gets as you know he is cursing) and concentration on the court and on the bench. As for Pierce, he is always composed and poised, yet you even saw him on the bench jumping up and down ready for the glory of holding the trophy over his head as he has been with the Celtics from so long as he came so close in 2002. Ray Allen was all smiles as well in disbelief of the amazing journey they made in this 2007-2008 season. So many storylines (Pierce's struggle, Allen's experience with the Bucks/Sonics, Garnett's loyalty to the Wolves), but the best way to put it is in the words of Kevin Garnett at the end of the game, "Anything is Possible." GO CHAMPS!

(I Loved this Press Conference)