I Don't Mean to Gloat But...

. Jun 2, 2008

...how can you not brag when the Cubs are in first place in the entire MLB?!?! So baseball is not necessarily the most exciting sport; however, I've been a Cubs fan my entire life and assuredly disappointed every year when they are expected to do poorly, so it's only right for me to brag about this one thing in baseball.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, with a record of 36-21 (yes, that's right!!), the Cubs not only lead lead their respective division but command the best record in the entire league, both AL and NL. This is the first time the Cubs have had the best record in baseball by the beginning of June since they did it in 1908, the very year they won their last Championship. Perhaps, and hopefully, history will repeat itself, and the Cubs will finally overcome this decade-long drought and win the World Series this year. I'll call it now, especially since all of baseball has been full of surprises: Cubs v. Rays in the World Series, with game 7 decided by a walk-off homerun by Fukudome in the 9th inning for a Cubs victory. You think that's shocking, but just notice all of the surprises so far.

This is how well the Cubs are doing this year: