Asher Roth - The Greenhouse Effect

. Jun 19, 2008

Ok, ok, I've been perusing several blogs over the past several days, and lately I've been hearing that this Asher Roth character is the next Eminem - yes, the same rapper from Detroit! It was because of those statements that I turned away from downloading the mixtape. I mean, c'mon, how else can you hype up a random cat from some random town in Philadelphia?? Upcoming rappers/promoters have to dabble in a bit of hyperbole in order to get people attracted to new music.

Sure enough, though, I decided to download this mixtape of this self-proclaimed "rap's Bill Murray", and I was not disappointed at all - perhaps because I had no expectations. While I will not (out of respect) co-sign the label of the next Eminem, I will, at the same time, claim that there are definite similarities - the random sarcasm ("I got the fresh bowl cut, curly blonde locks / LA Gears light up when I walk / Floss, in my OshKosh B'Gosh overalls / Match my He-Man lunchbox"); incredible display of lyricism and wordplay that sound almost like tongue twisters (too many examples); and even an in-depth ability to analyze a variety of topics, such as religion ("If my voice didn't work but my hands could talk / Would you take the time to see what a deaf man thought? ... / What if I was picked for graves sick for days / Aged to be sick with AIDS / Would you listen to my story that I swear is touching / Or just blank stare cuz you scared to touch me / If I'm Jewish or Christian / Does it affect your decision / To see past religion and simply listen to wisdom").

To download the mixtape, click on the picture:

For more on Asher, check out his myspace or the Daily Kush.