Artists to Look Out For

. Jun 26, 2008

1. Mick Luter

Mick Luter is the premier artist of Chicago. From coming up with Lupe Fiasco to sharing the microphone with Slum Village, The Dramatics, Bump J, Yung Berg and the late Stack Bundles, Mick has the ability to captivate listeners with his vivid look into the life of coming up on the west side of Chicago. He boasts production from A list producers such as NO ID(Common, G Unit, Toni Braxton, etc.), SC(Mary J. Blige, Puffy, Mobb Deep), Buckwild(D.I.T.C.) and Brian "All Day" Miller(Kanye West) and he has a flow and wordplay that is unmatched. He won the Source Battle in 2000 defeating over 200 emcees. He recently won the Original Signal/Music Nation hip hop contest defeating over 3,000 contestants which landed him a situation with Sony/Epic Records. He has an album-"The Word"(largely produced by NO ID) and "The Mickstape Vol.1-Hustle Harder" which were both critically acclaimed and had fans, critics and execs wanting to hear more. His next mixtape titled "The Lesson" will be ready for release on July 1st. There are 12 original songs(produced by SC, Hi-Tek and NO ID) and 8 freestyle tracks that are sure to put Mick's stamp on "THE PREMIER ARTIST OF CHICAGO!" "How We Raised" is the first single off of Mick's untitled album and it has a b side track "J-Down" which is produced by Hi-Tek. Both tracks are getting airplay in the urban market.

Available Downloads:
1. Under the Act
2. Someday
3. Dayz of our Lives
4. Touch the Sky
5. J-Down
6. How We Raised
7. Game Recognize Game
For more info, check out his myspage page or here.

2. Lungz

Immersing himself in such legendary musical influences as Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Pharcyde, ATCQ, Al Green, and Curtis Mayfield; Lungz has been able to successfully transition from being just a respected battle/freestyle rapper to an artist capable of crafting songs utilizing a wide range of cadences and rhyme structures. Lungz acknowledges his now infamous "My Town" which created a fervor after Chicago Rocks 2007 as being not a defining apex; but only one of many more anthems to come. He refuses to allow himself to be characterized by only one song, when there are others that he feels challenged him more to create such as "Powerful Music" and "Incredible", and therefore have more significance to him as a demonstration of what to expect in the future. Recognizing and embracing his growth from a youth to a young man, Lungz is giving his breakout album the appropriately title "Transition", which represents him leaving "all the dumb shit" behind and evolving into a complete artist. Lungz wants you to experience his life through his lyrics, and not the fantasy world so often portrayed in rap. With The Flight School mixtape already available, Lungz is poised to release his first full-length album "Transition" in 2008, as well as "A Breathe Of Fresh Air" with DJ's Cosm Roks & Roper of The Hip Hop Project as a supplementary mixtape. "Transition" will feature mic comrades Swift, Soze, Imam T.H.U.G., and YG with Panik (Molemen), Swift, Supa Mario, and Q-Hefna handling production.

Available Downloads:
1. Powerful Music
2. Truth
3. Hater Music
4. Am I Black Enough for Ya
5. Time's Up
6. My Block
7. Lungz Compilation of Music
For more information, check out his myspage page or blog.

Shoutout to Becca for these spotlights. And please check out these respective artist's music and check out their pages, and make sure to show them love if you enjoy what they do.