WTF!?! - "Hip Hop" Abs

. Apr 28, 2008

So me and JB were just chillin watch the re-run of the Wizards v. Cavaliers game and we saw this late night infomercial for a dance/exercise routine video called "Hip Hop Abs." This shit is hilarious, watch the instructor (former dancer for Mariah Carey...hmmm very "hip hop") doing these supposed "hip hop" moves. I'm a little mad they slapped the label of "hip hop" on this crap and it has sold over 3 million copies. I'm not mad at dude making money and doing his hustle, but what troubles me is calling it hip hop...this stuff is wack. I was laughin so hard I was tearing up. Watch the white dude at 2:26 in the first video, he swears he got rhythm.

Man..this thing has turned into a phenomenon; it even got a spot on the Ellen Show. Watch Ellen and all the other people in the crowd try to get down at 2:19 LMAO!!!!